gonna build a small startup where the business model is that americans pay me $5 and I teach them how to pronounce a single french word.

You too could say "auteur", "oeuvre", "rendez-vous", "je ne sais quoi", "avant guarde" and dozens more words correctly for a small sum!

Okay plan is cancelled someone made me realize I wrote “avant guarde” so apparently I can’t speak French anymore sorry everyone

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@wxcafe oh damn. I’ll steal that business model but for a tiny set of German words. Learn how to say “Schadenfreude”!

@wxcafe sorry, I'll probably still pronounce hors d'oeuvres like "horse doo-vers" since it was a weird inside joke in my family and I heard it all the time as a kid

@esvrld @wxcafe By “we” I mean americans, I know you’re from some other plane

@wxcafe Otter. Urvee. Renderview. Genie Sequoia. Aye vent gourd.

@wxcafe i might copy this but only to teach "gulyas" (goulash) and maybe "kovacs"

@wxcafe this except i teach American computer science teachers and students how to pronounce "Dijkstra"

@wxcafe i was wondering about that but i assumed you knew something that i didn't

@wxcafe ah but what is the correct way to pronounce the English word "auteur"? Is it the same as how you pronounce the French word "auteur"?

@wxcafe I want the opposite. I want to pay you $5 and you tell me one thing that I can say to piss off the highest number of French people

@melissasage the next one is pronouncing shit like Worcestershire wrong and giving you 10 minutes to laugh and try to correct us

@wxcafe I wonder if I could do the same with UK place names they find difficult.

@wxcafe I'd probably start with Leicester before Worcester as trying to give them directions to Leicester Square while keeping a straight face is really hard.

@wxcafe it makes no sense when I lived in Reading (pronounced redding to confuse people) the area I lived in was called Earley, which was spelt erlegh for the name of the local school (both pronounced the same).

@wxcafe though in our defence I did see a place in germany called something like 'neu alt stadt' which is yet more proof that no place should be allowed to be called 'new town'

@wxcafe please teach them how to pronounce "outrage"

@wxcafe yes but you could teach them that it's derived from French, and not from out+rage like how English speakers tend to pronounce it

@kiilas it's? not though? I mean on a long enough timescale yeah but it's from old english

@kiilas @wxcafe TIL. it makes sense it's also a French word and in a pinch I probably would have said "outrage" in a French accent and hoped for the best but I'm kinda surprised I didn't know that

@kiilas @wxcafe also I want to clarify "in a French accent" means "the way it would be read in French" and not the way an English-speaking person would read it in a French accent, e.g. "ze out-rayjj, hon hon baguette"

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