I wrote a post on OpSec, addressed at leftists and activists. It's pretty 101 but I think it could be useful for a lot of people out there. It's also only the first part of a series I'm planning to write on the subject.

@wxcafe thank YOU! i expected something more technical which absolutely ISNT what a 101 is. it's so rare to find an intro on these topics that not only sticks to plain words and examples, but you did an amazing job of structuring both the whole guide and all the paragraphs.. really great writing. <333

@wxcafe How do you like Pelican as an overall engine for the site?
@wxcafe Any reason to go with Pelican over Hugo?

/me is curious as Pelican keeps popping up and seems well supported over time much like Hugo

@kemonine I started using it in like 2014, it's python, 🤷

I don't have much of an opinion, I like that I give it markdown and it produces decent-looking html lol

@wxcafe Works for me.

I have it second to Hugo on my list of static site generators.

I started on Jekyll and... it wasn't more than a couple years before I switched to Hugo for a variety of reasons. Having to deal with ruby (not something used by anything i run day to day) may have been a big factor 😉

These days I gave in and deployed but that was more for 'less thinking and command line' than any other reason.
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