Normal brain: DSA doesn’t have any OpSec at all
Galaxy brain: DSA has the best OpSec possible, where every member is a white guy in his late 20s named mike, and so it’s impossible to know who is who.

Related: since apparently nobody can understand my name in the US I will hereafter be named Mike to americans. Thank you for your understanding

(I will, in fact, not be named Mike to americans, but I should find a way to get them to understand “Clément”)

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@wxcafe *fbi voice* hello fellow leftist, what's your mikesona?

@Petra my mikesona works in tech obviously, he runs a “DSA Dog Caucus” twitter account, favs every picture that AOC has ever posted, and he goes to the political education working group sometimes but he doesn’t read the chapters assigned. He brings pizza to the local branch meetings, which makes him important in the OC, though

@wxcafe just hope that the American version of your name doesn't become chad

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