hot computer take: yes, the desktop metaphor sucks ass and it's outdated

the direction we seem to be headed where every app is fullscreen is bullshit though. give me tiling or give me death

@wxcafe Silicon Valley: so you have chosen… death

@wxcafe a realization I’ve hated as I’ve made it: I actually kinda like the Windows 1.0 UI now?

@wxcafe now you have me thinking about how much my current setup resembles my very old DesqView one.

@wxcafe I love love love the tiling Phosh mockups from @tbernard in this regard - it feels like a nice middle ground between maximized mobile UI and a tiling desktop WM. Very much the Linux DE I’d like to use on a tablet... or on my laptop honestly, not so many distractions!

@jfred @tbernard hmm that’s pretty neat but it does need a lot of application support. Granted that’s why current tiling wms look like shit currently tbh.

Also very surprised to see gnome spend so much effort and time on phone UIs when last time I checked there were a total of 0 phones running gnome but

@wxcafe There’s one in a few people’s hands (earlier Librem 5 revisions) and you can install it on another now (PinePhone) so... worth the effort, I’d say! (Plus gotta start somewhere if we want phones running Linux :P)

@wxcafe I honestly really like free floating desktop windows, it feels intuitive to drag and resize them and less stressful, having all my windows tiled often feels great if I'm focused and working but most of the time I'll want to leave some breathing room or have something small just peeking out behind

All-fullscreen is terrible though like fucking why would anyone want that???

@wxcafe Tiling is, imho, a natural extension of the desktop model to a tidy desktop of sufficient size. After all, the reason I use a desktop in meatspace is to spread out papers and books so I can see several at the same time .. by tiling them.

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