"what happened this time?", you ask. Linux on my desktop froze, which happens sometimes after about ~10 hours of continuous run, so I force-rebooted, as one does, and then for some reason my usb hub wouldn't be recognized for like about 30 minutes. Like the kernel wouldn't see it

then it started working again for no reason. I loathe computers with all my heart

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@wxcafe it could be that your usb hub is causing the freeze?

@lyliawisteria nope, works perfectly fine on my laptop for weeks on end (I had an uptime of like three months at one point on this laptop, until it died last week)

@lyliawisteria my theory is that it's related to my GPU, because with the nvidia module it hard-reboots every ~4h, with nouveau it freezes every ~10h, and without either it works fine... except this CPU doesn't have a graphics core so I can't drive the display without the GPU. But either way I don't care too much, I'm gonna get my new laptop in a week's time and 10h is a bit longer than a day's work, so.

@lyliawisteria but of course it’s impossible to prove because there’s no log and the computer becomes completely unresponsive so I can’t examine anything, so yeah 🤷‍♀️

@lyliawisteria thought of that but the temperature of the GPU doesn’t rise at all over the day and I don’t think it does ok the hour and a half after the workday is finished. I’ll try it anyway I guess (if I remember tomorrow...)

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