Pics from yesterday’s time in the datacenter. A DC tech shorted the lights power circuit (whoops) and in the time it took him to turn them back on, I snapped two pics

@wxcafe you should watercool it for maximum gamer

drug mention 

@wxcafe do you ever just share at these while tripping? 😅

drug mention 

@spacekookie unfortunately not, cause the datacenter is in France, and I don't have access to anything that gets me tripping here

@wxcafe so beautiful, I wish I could visited a datacenter with such lights one day

@smonff oh generally it doesn't look that good, the dark makes it look much more vivid and colorful

@wxcafe still all the cabling colors and stuff are amazing. And those screens :blobmeltsoblove: !

@wxcafe @uint8_t The Wedge100 switch includes addressable RGB LEDs, for precisely this sort of event.

@th @uint8_t we’re moving to artista unfortunately which doesn’t seem to want to put RGB LEDs in their devices :/

@wxcafe Oh, haven't seen the ASR1002-X in the wild for a while. What are you using them for?
We have some left as BRAS at work, but they are becoming obsolete eventually.

@vidister damn, good eye! They’re our NAT processors for this datacenter (others have a different design because different needs, but here we needed quite a lot of NAT and had these on hand so... 🤷‍♀️)

@wxcafe Hehe, that's why we use them for too.
Quiet powerful NPU, but IOS-XE is.. special. And only 36 Gbit/s System performance.. nowadays a cheap pizza box server can handle higher bandwidths..

@wxcafe Oh wow. So you are the one who made those pics. I saw them on Twitter earlier.

@wxcafe man I would love to visit a DC like this.

Specifically the one where my VPS is hosted just to touch the silly as that sounds
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