TIL: there’s two different 21st streets in Brooklyn. I went to the wrong one today, so now I’m on my way from 21st street to 21st street

@wxcafe the whole thing is literally a grid and they fuck up the numbering? .....

@piggo @wxcafe *pulls up map* oh wow I mean counting's hard but how did we end up with an E 21st Street between Ocean Ave and Flatbush Ave, those aren't even numbers (the other 21st street is between 20th and 22nd, as one might expect)

@deowyth @piggo to be fair there were multiple cities that merged so they kept a bunch of street names and... yeah :/

@wxcafe and up to 15th, East, West, regular, and Brighton????

@wxcafe it could be worse, I lived on one street in Australia which was numbered separately in two areas it traversed, which meant there were two places with the same street number on the same street, 300m apart

@wxcafe my building was brand new, so a number of fast food delivery drivers were misled by google maps due to not specifying specifically the neighbourhood name 😭

@ticky I mean on the other hand for stuff like that it's not so bad cause it's like, a few hundred meters away. In my case I was in flatbush instead of south slope, about an hour away by bus...

I'd be more worried about like, the mail 😩

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