Like I get it you’re trying to be quirky but you’re just highlighting awful problems with capitalism

@wxcafe joining this social network just to organize unions

@wxcafe I can only imagine that app is full of bitcoin ancaps

Viewed objectively, the USA is a failed experiment.
The world has tried something, a certain way of living, and it didn't work.
It's time to stop the experiment and try something different.
Bernie Sanders was the first glimmer of hope.
Let's hope he was just the first of many.

@wxcafe going to sit here and be convinced that these are satire and that some artist snook them in there tyvm


When I first glanced this I thought it was an art piece, part of some anti-capitalist protest. I guess even that says something...

@wxcafe The "connect with peers" thing puts a spin on it.

> Is one guy making everyone pay him each month or else become homeless? Connect with peers and discover power in numbers.

@wxcafe the cute yuppie ads in the nyc subway are a special kind of hell

@wxcafe all of these are a choice. And spending half your income on food delivery is a pretty stupid choice.

@newt @mithrandir @wxcafe limited choice, choice but limited, but choice, limited…

Also, stress impairs one's ability to make rational decisions. So even if something is technically a person's own choice, it may be quite predictably determined by outside factors.


@newt @wxcafe the status of having lived is very different from the status of being alive. Plenty of people are born and live no more than a few minutes.

The point is: being alive is a choice, because it is possible to commit suicide.
Just because something is a choice doesn't mean it is a choice anyone should have to make.

re: Suicide 

@mithrandir @wxcafe too much philosophy.

Anyway, look, the choice of whether having your food delivered to you or not is quite obvious. Especially if half your salary goes to it. Just don't do it, go to the groceries, buy your food, and prepare it yourself. It's not that hard.

re: Suicide 

@newt @wxcafe yes, obviously. That's not the most egregious one in the image though.

re: Suicide 

@newt @mithrandir @wxcafe It may be overreaction to the rumors of danger.

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