I mean I'd like to buy their music but it's a northern-european band that sings stuff that's based on runic inscriptions from germany so I'm just wondering, you know

okay apparently not openly but it's kinda fishy so I'll DL it illegally thanks

@wxcafe found this where they firmly disavowed white supremacy, racism, and hate speech after an incident at a show (but they’re trying to be apolitical in terms of modern politics): https://www.facebook.com/amplifiedhistory/photos/a.595483987219647/2268838929884136/

Fascist neo-paganism, associated stuff 

@wxcafe Could be "apolitical" shits who at least tolerated nazis at their concerts for a while and don't really understand what it means to play music for fascists https://twitter.com/heresysquad/status/1224159650859442176
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