man network engineers are such crybabies. dude you only have to know 6 letters you're gonna be fine

"we should have just added a byte in front of ipv4 addresses!! it would have been simpler and retro-compatible" YOU DENSE MOTHERFUCKER ASICS DON'T JUST ACCEPT ONE MORE BYTE WITH NO CHANGES you'd still have to replace every fucking device out there except for no benefit

"we're wasting address space by using a /64 for every endpoint" LOOK AT THE NUMBERS, IDIOT. the allocation you got, which is one /32, is THE SAME SIZE AS THE ENTIRE V4 INTERNET if you ignore the last 64 bits that are dedicated to the device ID. AND WE HAVE 232 TIMES THAT

also why do you fucking care just use the address space you were given and shut the fuck up.

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