god im so tired of seeing people going "switch from signal to matrix/xmpp/whatever!!" lmao signal is the messaging app I use with my activist/security conscious friends man, most people use discord, whatsapp or texts. nobody's gonna switch to matrix or xmpp, if you tell people signal is bad they'll just go back to using whatsapp

tech people have 0 strategy they just don't understand how people use messaging apps

I know yall don't use reacts or stickers but normal people like those. I know you don't think there's any possible use for sending people money on a messaging app but there FUCKING IS man, normies use that regularly to split bills or pay back people for bullshit! iMessage does this and it's integrated into the ecosystem and it works perfectly

it's also not an climate disaster since it's proof of stake not proof of work

idk what to tell you like it's not great but honestly I don't see how it couldve been done better and it's an important thing for a messaging app to have, which drives adoption, which makes everyone more secure. If you want normies to use your app you have to give normies the things they want on your app!!

"oooh but now moxie is getting rich off this!" why do I fucking care if moxie got a few million dollars. my alternative is what? iMessage, so apple, whatsapp, so facebook, or discord, so microsoft soon? and banks to do the money transfer. well I sure am glad THEY aren't getting rich of this bullshit! also can't imagine why signal would be looking for a way to fund their operations lmao

@wxcafe idk would never trust whatsapp with my money

@piggo yeah europeans don't generally do that cause ATMs are free (in the US you get a fee to take cash out) and bank transfers are also free (which you also get a fee to use in the US)

whatsapp does have that feature though

@wxcafe ah im forgetting about all that freedom yall are having over there. Actually, we now mostly use QR code payments between the banking apps, im not sure if thats just a czech thing or all euro
@wxcafe its the one and only good use for QR codes i heard of tbh

@wxcafe @piggo i don't think it's just czech, I've seen advertisements for it in germany (but never seen anyone actually use it)

It's not an climate disaster because the founders pre-mined it all into their own pockets so instead of proof-of-work it's proof-of-helping-moxie-buy-a-boat.

@cjd like let him get his boat if it allows me to talk to my friends. why do I give a fuck

Think of it this way, people like us introduced a lot of less technical people to Signal. We told them it's good technology and that we trust Moxie to keep our private communications private.

Now Moxie has made a token and he's holding 85% of it in his pocket. Now there are going to be some of these people for whom money is an ongoing difficulty and they're going to see this as their chance to get financial security, and they're going to trust Moxie because we told them to.

Now an 85% pre-mine is like a root key or a backdoor. He might look after it with the utmost of care, but he also might not. The risk here is that he might decide he's done with making software and he wants to go sell his 85% and move to an island.
And then if he dumps that on the market and walks away from the project, all those people who installed Signal because WE told them to, are gonna be wiped out.

@cjd what are you talking about. this is an exchange currency. you put real money into it, send the exchange currency, then the recipient takes real money out. the variations of the value of the currency itself don't matter, as long as it doesn't vary during the time you're exchanging it. the tokens themselves are worthless, I don't care about them. There is also no mining in mobilecoin. They basically have a central reserve, which is good for a currency that's not decentralized

@wxcafe Id have liked to have real mone integration instead of whatever this is 😩

@wxcafe I understand, this’ll also then mean availability in the world instead of Apple Cash in us? :blobcatreading:

@wxcafe no I mean I don’t know what either does, works 😳

@lulucybrelu ils ont lancé un truc pour envoyer du blé entre utilisateurs dans signal avec une sorte de cryptomonnaie pour préserver l'anonymité des gens (mais c'est une cryptomonnaie qui brule pas des forêts) et du coup les gens sont pas contents

@wxcafe okay that'saybe very regional, in German speaking countries it's quite famous.

Anyway, good other points.

@wxcafe c'est encore le même débat "passe sous linux tout est plus simple le reste ça pue" qui a failli me dégouter du monde du libre 😢

@wxcafe When Signal had that massive outage I *almost* got my friends to switch to a self-hosted xmpp server, but I didn't have time to set it up properly and find a good client.

Signal's the epitome of good enough.

The thing that really bothers me, is that there are some people who actually will not install or use Signal for any reason and just use SMS for talking about sensitive crap.

@mithrandir there are no good clients for xmpp, yeah

I would say signal isn't the epitome of good enough, it's just plain good. it works well, the UI is good, and it's always encrypted all the time without anyone having to do anything. it's just really good.

and yeah the alternative to signal isn't matrix or whatever it's texts

@wxcafe Without decentralization, the revolution becomes ten times harder, since alphabet soup can just turn off Signal. Open Whisper Systems is a single point of failure.

@wxcafe for me it's less that i expect xmpp or matrix to be usable and more that it's super frustrating that signal is the best there is and now they're doing shit that makes me distrust them.

@wxcafe just kind of wish it was possible to do better than this but apparently not really

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