Did you know? if you don't like letters in IPv6, you can simply express them as signed integers between -7 and +8, indicating sign when it changes! i.e. 2001:db8:85a3::8a2e:370:7334 becomes -5776:+641:1-2+3-4::+13-5+7:-407:0443

@wxcafe when can I state IPv6 addresses in balanced ternary tho?

@xpac well, I mean, nothing reads that format, but it is numerically equivalent

@wxcafe I just wanted to ask... there is no tool and nothing that would accept those as input, right? and it's also not mentioned in the RFC, right? Please tell me this is not the case :D

@wxcafe the worst thing about this is that it isn't even two's compliment

@wxcafe this is still some incredible violence on your part and we approve

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