gonna start inventing new, random queer identity rules. gay men cannot call themselves fags if mercury is in retrograde! gold star lesbians cannot kiss bisexuals on tuesdays!

impressive how modern queer culture took queer theory and did the Polar Opposite like. making more and more special little boxes in which to essentialize and freeze identities. amazing

judith butler, in 1990: gender is fake, actually. so is attraction. you can't put people in neat little boxes anymore, we've blown your boxes up
teenage queers on tumblr in 2020: you say you're a lesbian yet you've looked at this boy for 17 seconds. cancelled.


Michael Warner, in 1999: normalcy cannot be a goal of our movement, for any movement that aims for that by definition has define some category as abnormal and exclude it

teenage queers on twitter, every fucking year: kink at pride is kinda problematic tho :/ :<


uhh excuse me? i think you mean “teenage q-slurs on twitter??” don’t you know we can’t call each other that??? 🤢

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