is sysvinit better, or is systemd better?

become enlightened. the right answer is that neither is good, because they make the computer turn on.

the best init system is no init system. Let the computer stay off.

@wxcafe Some of my friends and I have taken to using "POETTERING!" as a general cry of dismay.

@nat @wxcafe Lennart is Swedish and means Kevin in German

@wxcafe i am going to go for the ultimate route and use all the init systems at the same time

@deletescape @wxcafe wait isn't this exactly what Debian does -- some packages like git-daemon use runit instead of systemd...

@wxcafe this isn't funny or cute, computers only boot up when they are extremely stressed

@wxcafe @seachaint gonna write an in'tit system to ensure it stays off

@wxcafe I hope you're using a minitel to post this, not a computer

@wxcafe i dislike how the discourse became a dichotomy between really ancient shell scripts and a giant blob of c that wants to do many more things than just be init

why can't there just be an init that only does the things init typically does, but really well and in a more maintainable fashion?

@KitRedgrave @wxcafe I agree with the sentiment: systemd is far from perfect and what was before was a mess. I wish more people would try to understand why systemd is an improvement in some regards, instead of saying that nothing’s wrong with unreliable ad-hoc shell scripts and esoteric cron syntax

@ariasuni @wxcafe my personal solution to this problem is to get on the gnu guix sd train and use shepherd+mcron :p

guile scheme for as much of the glue code as possible

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