my colleagues don't understand that when I ask them to review a merge request I made I'm not asking for them to point out three (arguable) problems, let me fix them, ask for another review where they point out two (arguable) other problems, let me fix them, etc etc. Please just point out everything right now, and when it's fixed let me move on

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Ouch, I try to get people to commit to a definition of good enough from the start, that stuff is a treadmill.

@cjd exacerbated by the fact that they're in europe where I'm in the US so we have two hours of overlap. So I write stuff, they review it while I'm sleeping, I fix it in the morning but they don't have time to review it while I'm there, so I have to wait until the next day, etc etc

@wxcafe There's this concept of "follow-up" commits that improve upon earlier commits. You might want to ask them if they've ever heard of this.

@wxcafe that's a whole mood. "Please don't push my PR back until you're finished reviewing it"

stretching out PRs like that increases cycle time which goes past inconvenience into "actually bad for the project" so I wouldn't feel bad about addressing it directly or asking a supervisor about it

@wxcafe Are you my long lost twin brother because I was just complaining about this exact same problem I was having last week to my project manager.

Down to the detail regarding time zone differences.

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