went to the comic book shop and ordered more bondage comic books

@Scarlet @alexq no, it came out in may but i'm bad at going to the comic book shop regularly (and i already read it so...)

@Scarlet @wxcafe ooooh
in english I presume?

I take them in french, gotta support the publishers for this kind of works ^^
Even if it means more waiting on my side T_T

@SpicyCat @Scarlet yeah no idea when translations come out. i can only buy in english here (and prefer to read them in english but that’s personal)

@wxcafe @Scarlet
tbh I agree with you, the french trad isn't always good, some jokes didn't translate well

but I have deviant art if I want to read it in English, and then after a lot of waiting the paperback in french on my local bookshop, the plus size being that I can give them around to convert more people to the Sunstone religion o/
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