americans go wild when you point out to them that something they do is specific to america like calm down it's alright I know it's weird to imagine that some people do things differently than you but you'll get used to it

other countries don't use am/pm notation? well FUCK YOU BUDDY don't you dare point that out to me

oookay? alright 🤷

@wxcafe People in America assume my preference for 24 hour time is a military thing. When in reality I just spent some time outside of the bubble.

@sng @wxcafe gotta imagine 12hr is still most common worldwide for spoken time. 🤔 Kinda wonder whether the swap is slow going in places where the streets roll up at dark.

@wxcafe @sng this sounded interesting so I had started looking at the breakdown (, pink are the 24-only countries) and it seems like the countries that use 24 hour often have many reasons to that affect everyday people rather than just specialists, trains and nightlife and lots of time zone crossing, international flights... Real ambiguity and lots of pressure to be clear

I do 24 written now, 12 if we're speaking since now I have that ambiguity, too, it's very relevant, but where I grew up there was no overlap except a few hours after dark, there were simply no reasons to talk about 0200, nothing was open, you'd not be coming home at it, it didn't exist. XD also it would be really really hard to break the habit of saying "o'clock" in favor of "hours" , I think, which reads number not time to me

I bet it would be fascinating to look at when the things were adopted and see, like does this shift with added trade? Urbanization? Because it's a really funny map!

@pmosetc can confirm that map isn't really accurate, france should be "both in common use", at least orally. if it's clear what the context is I will say "at two", instead of "at fourteen". but never 2am/2pm. and I woudn't write "at 2" I guess...

@wxcafe oh interesting!

Yeah I guess that all changes around with context... but wow what a thing to get mad about XD

@pmosetc @wxcafe In Korea the use of 24 hour time goes pretty directly back to the war. It’s far more common in older people.

@wxcafe @pmosetc @sng Huh. I just assumed you'd have said it in French. :flan_think:

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