json is bad, xml is bad, yaml is bad, all the modern configuration formats are awful. we should just use the openbsd configuration style

"oh but it's hard to parse" I don't care, it's your job as a dev to do it??

@wxcafe I am thoroughly in the json camp. not because it's an especially good format. with a little schema help, it can describe just about any data, in a wildly popular human readable grammar. often it's better to have any dumb standard than no standard

@wxcafe @falkreon ok because i edited a once and was a little concerned

@wxcafe @jleedev that is ridiculously easy to parse but fails the principle of least surprise

@falkreon @jleedev honestly I don't think "readable english configuration" fails the principle of least surprise more than "json"

@falkreon @jleedev I mean otherwise we can also just give up on this linux thing, people are too surprised by how it works differently from windows, let's just use that

@wxcafe @jleedev accessibility is weird. there's nothing inherently more *data* about cf versus conf versus json. conf puts your config in reach for some linux nerds like you and me. json puts your config in reach for a huge ecosystem of people doing everything from fullstack web devs to amateur Minecraft modders.

@falkreon @jleedev yeah and I don't give a fuck about web devs and minecraft modders, my email server or virtualization stack should not be accessible to them

@wxcafe @jleedev I fundamentally disagree with that. and that's probably a good place to leave it at.

@wxcafe @jleedev and to add to the "accessibility is not a format" thing,
a config with simple, clear equals statements like "local_ip =" is valid .cf

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