“our website works on mobile devices”
and “you can’t upload photos bigger than 2MB” are two incompatible statements. sorry man my phone takes pictures that are >5MB at the least, i can’t compress them on the phone, so your website doesn’t work

anyways air france’s website to upload your certificate of vaccination and test results doesn’t work on phones

@wxcafe si t'as besoin en urgence, Simple Gallery permet de réduire la taille des photos

@wxcafe I need an iOS app that just does recompression/scaling of images and video. Set a size goal and to prefer lossiness or smaller size and it just does it

@cinebox no, i need a website that does that. i shouldn’t have to do an extra step to upload a picture.

@cinebox @wxcafe On iOS you can use the Shortcuts app, it has an action to resize images.

@easrng @cinebox yes and i should not have to use a separate app, the website can do that for me

@frumble @wxcafe I don’t think it’s a good idea to recommend people to upload highly sensitive personal data to a random conversion/compression website

@frumble @sammy also even then it’s not. the website working. it’s a workaround to a broken website

@wxcafe like, I can actually understand them not wanting to store larger images in the database

but they could still recompress/downscale them after upload…

I don't think the average user even knows how to reduce image file size on a PC either…

@wxcafe also every website ahould be useable on #EDGEland mobile networks (16kBit/s) if not #Iridium (2,3 kbkt/s)...

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