I just added all the "free speech"/"controversial content" (aka neo-nazis, alt-reich, etc...) gnusocial instances to the global block list. Also read and reacted to all the reports, they've been dealt with.

@wxcafe what's the problem with the pirate party instance?

@corzntin juste comme ça la j'ai pas d'exemples précis mais ils font que de la merde. Je me souviens d'une année ou ils s'étaient pointés a la pride avec des affiches du parti pirate, que des hétéros, avec leur politique qui a rien a voir la, bon bail

@wxcafe Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but -- is there a link somewhere for the global blocklist? (I'd imagine so for the sake of transparency, but I know things are still being fixed/rejiggered/etc., so I could imagine it's not yet somewhere easily looked at or somesuch. Also, I might be wrong for reasons I don't understand -- in which case, please feel free to ignore the question entirely. :) )

@sydneyfalk when I said global, I meant global on this instance, just to be clear. And i don't think, but it's a planned feature yeah

@wxcafe I assumed the first (sorry if I phrased it to imply otherwise) and figured the second was likely. :) Thank you.

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