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I̴̅ͣȌ̴ͥ ̈́͐ͬ̀̚C̴̀͊̓ͧor̡r̋̒̄̽̊u̡p̷ͥ̅̓ͪ̊ţ͛io̓̍ͩ̾̎҉ṅͨ ‮✨💻☕ @wxcafe

Ugh I’m reading Tanenbaum’s book and of COURSE the programmers are men and the operators are women…

Like it’s not surprising cause like, yeah… but it’s kinda frustrating.

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@wxcafe it's from another era

also, the Netherlands still has a King.

@wxcafe I'm sure the publisher just doesn't want to pay for new art

@wxcafe that doesn't surprise me one bit, as ast himself is from another era 😂 but yes I do believe that this kind of imagery and writing does change how people think about their own capabilities and social roles.

@val @wxcafe 1401, then 7094, then back to 1401, it’s written on the image

@wxcafe true, they should have used actual photographs. I wanted to see those tape systems!