@wxcafe all I get when I try to follow that link is a message saying I'm not authorised to see that message. Is it because I don't have a twitter account?

Could you share the actual content here?

@loke it happens a lot to me, just reload until it works :/

@wxcafe thx for the link!

@wxcafe Uh??? I thought that this exploit was only working against Intel cpus???

@adidal nah it's everything that implements out of order execution. There's a *worse* one for intel but the base one works on basically everything under the sun

@wxcafe Oh cool I guess we can expect a nice perf drop for all of these CPUs, amirite?

@adidal and yeah but I mean, more in certain specific applications. Like specifically it takes longer to do context switching so applications that do a lot of kernel calls or disk access or network access will slow down a lot but like video games etc won't

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