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I̴̅ͣȌ̴ͥ ̈́͐ͬ̀̚C̴̀͊̓ͧor̡r̋̒̄̽̊u̡p̷ͥ̅̓ͪ̊ţ͛io̓̍ͩ̾̎҉ṅͨ ‮✨💻☕ @wxcafe

so LKML is down because it's hosted in this person's home server, which had a power outage andis now waiting for the LUKS passphrase.

this is amazing twitter.com/spaans/status/9509

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@wxcafe I self-host some services and have a machine with a LUKS-encrypted OS, but my approach has been to keep the decryption key on a thumb drive plugged into the machine at all times. It can reboot unattended, but the drive is still secure if separated from the key.

I've also been thinking of splitting the key into half on the thumb drive and half on the network, which would allow me to effectively disable the partition remotely (after a reboot).

@wxcafe I thought the actual mailing lists are on vger.kernel.org, and lkml.org was just one of public archives, or something...