Why do Americans always write Mastadon instead of Mastodon? It’s such a weird error?

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in most american dialects they sound almost identical

@catoutofbed @wxcafe yeah, I think this is why I make this mistake

I pronounce it "mass tuh dawn", and my brain doesn't transcribe it right; "mass toe dawn" would be easier to spell correctly

@wxcafe we really like to neutralize the hell out of that vowel (and all other vowels in unstressed syllables) so it's hard to remember which vowel it is

@wxcafe It's the approach to the plosive /d/. Mastadon or even Mastidon is easier to speak than Mastodon. We're lazy and spell phonetically.

@kai @wxcafe I'm pretty sure everyone spells phonetically

@kai I mean given how much of english is everything but phonetic that's surprising to me that people would rely on phonetics to spell english

@wxcafe most English speakers are terrible spellers. It's almost all loan words. The pronunciations make sense in the original language but the new pronunciation in English makes no sense. I have to look everything up.

@kai very happy that english speakers talking about bikes use the word "derailleur" and I really wonder how they pronouce that

@wxcafe it's pronounced like an American cowboy read it in the dictionary and never heard a word of French in his life 😂

@mray @wxcafe it's if they at least get the vowels right, I'll give them a pass on the extra consonant.

It's "You-bun-too" 😅

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