Using the New Yorker style dieresis is a telltale sign of a lib. Only libs do this

re: kink, cake 

@simula oh, huh, yeah no I got that from stjepan sejic’s Patreon

re: kink, cake 

@simula oh it can definitely be an interesting concept in addition to being a shitpost

kink, cake 

okay I'm really tired of that cake meme thing but I'll allow this one

@alrs no I know I'm just complaining about it. I know how to fix my problems, thanks

@alrs oh there's definitely a bunch that are really dead but not all of them

@alrs thanks but I actually want to have multiple mosh servers running

@bram yeah it gives you the pid so you can kill them by doing kill <pid>
no idea how to attach to them

@djsundog read the email formatting guide!!!, the man says, and my powers of miserably failing my physics class resurges

I hadn't gotten an "the formatting of your email is Wrong, I'm not even gonna take a look at the code you're submitting to see what it is" since I did 6 months of computer engineering school and then left that accursed place, though, so, nice throwback there

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please pray for my patches I just want that shit to get merged so my fucking usb dock works properly. Please. My ipv6 is dying.

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okay I've submitted my four patches in a format that hopefully the kernel maintainers like better

I forgot to update the title of one of them so it it has the wrong title which, ugh, but apart from that it should be fine???

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