I think that one of the most harmful myths around computers is the one saying that you have to be smart to program one. It scares a lot of great people, and attracts a lot of people who are not so great, and only come for the bragging rights.
Using (including programming) computers does not require above-average intelligence. Most programmers I've met are in fact incredibly stupid most of the time. And it's fine, it all works somehow.

@BestGirlGrace individuals can use this software as per the terms of the GPL version 2 or later. corporations have to ask for express permission to be granted a licence that's GPL-like but doesn't allow them to relicence the work under GPL.

things I need to learn more of, but am already on the right path about: saying "i don't know" / "I don't have enough clues on the subject to have an opinion" / "I need to learn more about this to talk about it"

@zkat wait the illustration is like... three pieces of bread, but then the other image down the article is like... a club sandwich?? wh

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