also wow I'm once again impressed at how taking pics of the cat with a real camera changes everything like.... yeah

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@CobaltVelvet @Sylvhem ouais pousser très fort le tournevis dans le pas et tourner en appliquant beaucoup de torque, et sinon dremel/perceuse avec une mêche de la taille du pas de vis environ (tu peux même commencer a percer et inverser pour voir si la vis accroche pas a ta perceuse)

obviously this is gonna be compressed to hell by twitter but have some 1080p video of the cat being pet

also please bear in mind that it's hard to frame properly when you're holding the camera with one hand and can't really see the screen lol

tomorrow i’m going on a bird watching/photography walk in central park with a group of queer people and i’m excited. hell yeah to birds

@vogon yeah it’s so bad i brought mine from france and it’s just so fucking slow here

@_ this has been my exact experience with every 3d printer I've ever used so far... and yet I've gotten a new one twice... idk why....

cat sat on my belly. the only camera I have is the laptop's so enjoy this awful picture

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