gonna buy some "it's a sony!" stickers, and put it on retro audio devices that weren't made by sony just to confuse the nerds

extremely funny to me that canon markets the 2000D as the "rebel T7" in north america. same with the 1300D being the rebel T6, etc

this phone has GOT to stop correcting "man" to "nan" bc i am not a british person talking about their mum

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fork of my brain where if you use it without any arguments it doesn't produce anxiety

“only bleach the roots using a brush” nan you think i have time for this shit? also like. my hair is what, 2 inches long. using a brush isn’t gonna change anything i’m gonna put bleach everywhere anyway

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bleaching my hair again i have no idea what i’m doing let’s hope i don’t fuck it all up lmao

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