@vertigo [slavoj zizek voice] the electricity, uh, simply “dissolves” into the plastic, as ethos dissolves into ideology, yes?

@zoe I mean yeah like once in a blue moon. APL is pretty much an esolang, perl5 was a widely used language and perl6 was supposed to be too.
It’s like if c started using ➡️ instead of -> suddenly

@zoe yeah it’s like
Both commendable and also fucking cursed cause nobody can use that. Idk how I feel about it, it’s so mixed

TIL perl6 has a "notandthen" keyword, and there's currently Discourse on whether to remove it or not because nobody uses it and nobody can seem to figure out what it does


DSS 14 receiving data from Geotail at 131.1kb/s.

Evangelion spoiler 

@Nausicaa ca serait horrible t’imagine au lieu d’avoir 50 package managers pour mode y en aurait un standardisé, pareil pour les frameworks js, les devs seraient payés pour leur travail...

Update now that I’ve woken up a bit more: I don’t think I knew people like that when I was 15, my brain took various hackers I knew over the years and mixed them with people I think about these days. Entertaining but unfortunately not real

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