@kai yeah it's like

I packed all of this like 4 months ago?? there's lots of stuff that doesn't have a fixed monetary value in there?? uuuh

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transport company that's moving my stuff from france to the US "hey before we send everything can you give us a list of everything that's in there and its monetary value"
me: uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh

the chaos communication congress has become too confusing for me since moving to the US. Like in recent years it went 33c3, 34c3, 35c3, and now I hear there's 501(c)(3)? what happened to all the numbers in between?

oh lol drew devault is a being a dumbass again? what a surprise. I am baffled. I would never have expected that. wow

anyway I'm home now. I feel like I came off as way too excited and eager but it really feels good to see such a great place 15 minutes from home. I really feel welcome there, I love that there's such a sense of community and that it feels like a hackerspace yknow? everything is kinda fucked, there's lots of half-finished projects hanging everywhere, idk. It feels good

@stsp I should replace this fucking linux box with a FreeBSD (it's a dom0 on Xen so I can't put OpenBSD on there) but ugh

going to the hackerspace worked! we now again have backups for the databases for here and imaginair.es etc

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