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I̴̅ͣȌ̴ͥ ̈́͐ͬ̀̚C̴̀͊̓ͧor̡r̋̒̄̽̊u̡p̷ͥ̅̓ͪ̊ţ͛io̓̍ͩ̾̎҉ṅͨ ‮✨💻☕ @wxcafe@social.wxcafe.net

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@mallaidh @kity I don’t have any more though, you’ll have to wait until the next hacker conference I can attend so that I can get new stock!

@bootsy also:
- your last used IP address
- the geolocation of that address
- date of last login
- date of email confirmation

PSA Things Your Admin Can See By Default Without Major Hacking That Other Users Can't See
- reported posts
- your email

thats about it? id really have to dig and contrary to popular belief i dont want to see your dms tbh i Really Dont Care