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I see a lot of posts right now clarifying the etiquette of engagement to new people on this platform (regarding CWs, 'screenshot dunking', etc).

As someone who was also once new to Mastodon, if you learn to condition yourself to the terms of this culture it will make you a better person both on and offline.

This is an opportunity for healing.

eggs are such a pain in the ass?? why don't they make these things easier to open

also it has the flags of all 50 states on it on anoter filigree layer but in black and green which isn't great for flags

did you know: green cards have every president's face on them (on a filigree layer) and I'm so happy mine was made before the Trump era.

I knew Strand was good but “The richest man in America, who’s a direct competitor, has just been handed $3 billion in subsidies. I’m not asking for money or a tax rebate, just leave me alone” is an amazing quote and such an impressive thing to say to city officials who wanna make you a landmark

bank rep. opening my account: "so typically we also use a secret question to identify customers, so I'm gonna ask you for the question and answer"
me, not liking the concept: "alright uh the question is "secret string" and the answer is a-i-g-h-3-o-o-z-i-b-a-e-x-u-8-e-u-g-a-d-o-u-s-1-i, did you get that or should I repeat it a few times over?"

currently on the PHONE to open a bank account. THE PHONE!!! IN CURRENT_YEAR! truly we live in a society...

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