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yknow I'm reminded of the talk by @cjd from 34c3 about BGP and particularly the links with running a federated social media server, and I'm impressed at how this has proved to be so true over the last year.


The power de Naomi Alderman. Un jour, les femmes se découvrent un pouvoir d'électricité. Elles peuvent électrocuter au toucher, soigner en mettant une impulsion au bon endroit... Le pouvoir n'est plus dans les mains des hommes mais dans celui des femmes ; on suit des persos super bien construits dans ce monde en plein changement.


*thinking* wow ce selfie sur /r/mtfselfietrain ressemble vachement a alda
"x-posted by aldarone 50 minutes ago* ah

porn meta 

hey, we're back! migration of the database went well! Now to see how effectively it helps with the IO load!

"We’ve previously established that users do not have strong or informed opinions on the source of their DNS, so whatever happens will be decided by browser vendors, on behalf of internet users."

And this is why we need more than one browser. Recall that Google is the 90s Microsoft of the 2010s.

I was gonna ask “how the fuck can you be so delusional” but I mean there’s no question, it’s clearly in his interest.

How the fuck can you lie so openly without any shame?

@wxcafe "An encyclopedia is an early form of Wikipedia-style reference work or compendium providing summaries of knowledge"

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