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aaand i almost have a full working daemon, which ensures that most users can just ignore how the crypto works, and use a single session.

Share invites from your chat app, and then use another app to sync documents without having to reauthenticate :)

yay, i finally finished the core of my new end-to-end encrypted messaging project, with a tiny IRC server implementation to test it out easily

sometimes I don't get favs or interactions for over 10 minutes so I go check how sidekiq is doing and actually everything is fine it's just me

samus is actually a furry for an space animal that we don't know??? and so are all bounty hunters in MP:Hunters??

undemocratic but to also say that asking every chapter what they want is bad. I mean. not taking into account the fact that the group I'm building can definitely be democratic too? idk

but then like, NTC hasn't done any work in this area!!! and what work they've done in related stuff, like hosting the software they've built, they've done awfully badly!

so like. I hope he can work towards that in NTC, but uh. yeah.

so anyway I left the DSA NTC slack and asked some of the people if they wanted to go at building that org I've been thinking about, supplying software infrastructure and tools to leftist groups, and like

one of them told me that to go behind the NTC was undemocratic and insulting to the work they've done, and that asking local DSA chapters what they want would lead to a messy infrastructure overall

so, one, that's pretty self-contractory to say that doing something in a separate group is

hmm so uh says I don't have to file AND ALSO I didn't get a W2 for 2018 (this might be my fault for not requesting one, woops) SO

Also i’m gonna have to file taxes in the us now? How do. Do I file them for 2018? Do I get paper? Do I get website? How does this shit work

Received my first offer for a credit card today, which means my credit score has gone up enough that I can start using credit which will help me build the credit score up more etc. Uhh. This system is fucked up *and* complicated.

Look I know this is dumb and it’s just numbers on a screen but hnnng I can’t help but care??? I got got by gameisation

Oh well I turned back time, logged the calories I was missing, then turned it back. Everything good, my streak is back

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