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Everyone: excited because there’s a remake of Link’s Awakening
Me: excited because we’ll get a new owl statue gif!!! IN NAME ONLY, FOR IT IS NEITHER!!

fun idea: DMs in mastodon that are not limited to 500 chars because I don't wanna have to do threads in DMs to write long messages, ughhh

in hindsight changing the date on both the server being backed up and the server doing the backup while the backup is going on might not have been the greatest idea

stay on to see if something bad happens


Sunstone, long post, kink, lewd 

My desk is a mighty disaster right now, looking like it might be a regional emergency. Gonna need to dump a project or two for the near term.

Fave if you agree, boost if you're in the same boat

TODO: add a check on my backup server to check when the last backup was done. (backup of a minor server was 2 weeks old because the pid file wasn't deleted for some reason...)

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