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if i were a programmer, i would simply predict all the possible states of my program and prevent invalid ones from occurring

me, going to do my laundry at 7:30am cause I woke up at 3 and couldn't go back to sleep: "who the fuck is using all the driers? who does their laundry at 7?"


hot take: everyone feeling 3 millions for tumblr is ridiculously low is desensitized to the absolutely insane prices tech companies are valued to (and the absolutely insane prices of housing in CA). A company that produces nothing and has never made a penny should not even be 3M.

I woke up, it's 3am, and I can't sleep anymore. I think I'll go pet the cat a bit and see if that fixes it.

Peter Sagal, on the Chernobyl podcast: "they've decided simultaneously that there's nothing wrong and there's no reason to worry, and simultaneously, no one should know about this; [the Soviets] were capable of proceeding as if both things were true"


every single time I open and close any electronic device I always end up with one extra screw at the end and no idea where it came from

that's my personal superpower

Still fuming at the guggenheim museum not having made a catalogue for the Mapplethorpe Now exhibition. Come the fuck on.

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