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Yay the toot! bug is fixed! I can post again!
The release notes say “fix crashes when posting for devices that do not run iOS 13” but I’m running 13.1.3 and it still crashed? Meh, it’s fixed now either way.

Did u know: on your phone you can press shift+🔁 to skip the dialog
Just gotta find that shift key on my phone hang on

@dankwraith it’s not an either/or but a confluence of factors that create a dynamic in which:

1) developers are paid to make labor-saving works, which under capitalism are inherently anti-labor (as other labor segments are “disrupted”)
2) some developers are very well-paid and treated such that a false consciousness emerges that suppresses class consciousness
3) open source, a certain toxic sort of STEM advocacy, and “just learn to code” sentiments collectively drive down wages, so that...
4) other developers work harder for less, often for nothing at all, in a regressive anti-labor environment BUT
5) software retains transformational labor-saving potential, which is important to the revolution / a post-scarcity society. for example: the internet and queer solidarity

uhh i hope that makes sense

serieux les moyenagistes sur twitter a critiquer les politiciens non pas parce que c'est des fachos mais parce qu'ils utilisent "moyen age" de manière incorrecte c'est les pires

honestly though they should have used 2001:d0c::/32, at least it says it's doc in the name.
as it is, has 2001:bc8::/32 and I always confuse that and the documentation subnet :/

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example ipv6 subnets

  • RFC says: 2001:db8::/32
  • we recommend: 2001:db8:acab::/48

ah nvm en fait c'est normal
faudrait que je choppe un disque capable de garder plus d'un full a la fois cela dit
et plus d'une semaine d'inc ça serait bien aussi


Yknow what I agree with Scorsese, Marvel movies aren’t cinema. The only thing that can be considered cinema is, of course, Hackers (1995) starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller,

Your fav is problematic: kink dot com

  • used to own a fort
  • fucking SOLD THEIR FORT
  • who the fuck sells their fort??
  • doesn’t own a fort anymore :/

Swear to god, if this isn’t @sophia ‘s Christmas present I don’t know what is

tag urself

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