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If I had insomnia I would simply never sleep again. RIP to Hypnos and Thanatos but I’m different

the 2600 group from berlin just followed me on twitter?? I mean cool but uh why

How will we put that in practice, you ask?
Well... it’s easy. We burn all the computers. No more technical debt.

also, I feel weird pronouncing that "eye-scuz-ee" because in french I'd just spell the letters. Same for SQL, same for LDAP, same for GUI, ...

it's weird cause there's some stuff that's pronounceable in a language and not in another? and also there's stuff that's really hard to spell in english like RPKI, I lose my tongue every time when I try to say that fast.


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update: all my mods are installed and enabled, and it runs, but crashes after about 30 seconds. not great.

by the way I watched this in its integrality yesterday and it's great. This is the kind of reviews I like please make more reviews like this

Tired: any single-handed sword
Wired: zweihander, claymore, ...
Inspired: Dreihander, long claymore, ...

Indie devs: is it better if I buy your games when they’re on sale (gets you bigger sales number I guess?) or to wait until they’re not and buy them full price, assuming I can afford the difference and it doesn’t matter to me?

Tired: the invisible hand of the market
Wired: the very visible hand that is the Thing in the Adams Family

I’m still pretty surprised that we have all those alternative firmwares for phones, printers, cameras, whatever, but not for the “smart” TVs, that would actually need them (and could benefit a lot, imagine how nice it would be to just load kodi directly on there)

I really don’t like the firewire400 connector and port btw. They’re too small to have that shape, it’s improper

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But THEN sometimes it just works for some reason... like, well, of course the 3.5” floppy disk, and the blu ray... and idk I guess if you throw enough bullshit formats at the wall some will stick

carpenter brut live shows look like they're a blast honestly hmm

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