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How will we put that in practice, you ask?
Well... it’s easy. We burn all the computers. No more technical debt.

So the American political landscape is dominated by wether we should forgive all student debt these days. I say, this is lowballing. I say we should forgive all student debt, but above that we should forgive all technical debt.

Vote for me in 2020. No more technical debt.

money, banks, ughh 

money, banks, ughh 

also, I feel weird pronouncing that "eye-scuz-ee" because in french I'd just spell the letters. Same for SQL, same for LDAP, same for GUI, ...

it's weird cause there's some stuff that's pronounceable in a language and not in another? and also there's stuff that's really hard to spell in english like RPKI, I lose my tongue every time when I try to say that fast.


update: all my mods are installed and enabled, and it runs, but crashes after about 30 seconds. not great.

currently going through the usual skyrim mod process of "of course it won't immediately run once I've installed multiple mods, let's find what's wrong"

anyway I still need a DP->HDMI 10ft long cable because inputs have changed and my DVI cables... are outdated. but! it works fine with my PSU, which is already a good thing !!

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