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update: puppet agent -t stalled the VM so hard the host couldn't kill it:
error: Failed to terminate process 2128 with SIGKILL: Device or resource busy


puppet agent -t has been running for over 4 hours and is currently being OOM-killed. all that to delete like 200k files.

a reddit thread just made me realize that elderly care in the US is a very profitable business and that's why assisted suicide isn't allowed and now I feel a) slightly sick and b) naive to not have realized before

Notice: /Stage[main]/Main/Node[master-hand]/Tidy[/var/cache/puppet/reports]: Tidying 231182 files
thanks puppet

gdq negativity 


Computers should have THICK 👏 PULSING 👏 VEINS 👏👏👏👏

Haha this talk is about breaking PDF security and this guy comes at the questions mic and goes “well you asked about how the DoD distributed PDF encryption passwords, and the answer is: in a separate plaintext email. Now for the question part, so I have about a half-terabyte of highly sensitive encrypted PDFs, and...”

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