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Can we get a message to the GDQ ceo Tom GDQ to have him know crowd control is bad because the crowd is bad and that’s why everyone turns GDQ chat off? Thanks



vr is quite literally the worst medium on which to do this. this is how you get motion sickness.

tired: away from keyboard
wired: right next to keyboard but it's opened up and drying because it's drenched in isopropyl alcohol

AGDQ 2020 

getting all items is easier when you just, duplicate all the items and get them all from the same place

AGDQ 2020 

jabu jabu is very disturbing to me. zelda 64 designs are... not great, honestly

Oh okay hang on I thought about it and I think I get the point, of Adam and Eve in Eden contemplating what more there is to live, being cast out, etc

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