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colleague says "routing is my passion in life" as a joke, so I answer "it really isn't mine lol" and he goes "oh, do you prefer switching?" and

he's not into kink, he doesn't know.............. but I do

the people who succeed in unionizing oracle will be heroes forevermore. let's rid all these good IPs of the awful legal shit

posting dog whisles but instead of them being like, right wing lingo or whatever they're just a signal that only my furry friends can answer to.

[ ] <- if you can see this you're a good dog

So, my university um... accidentally incorporated the anarcho-communist flag into their bookstore merch and it’s amazing!

I say we should teach computers to feel self-doubt

polyamory? oh no you must have misunderstood! *I turn around, revealing I'm holding dozens of guns in my arms* I'm talking of the polyarmory

presenting my new concept, GGDQ, "Good Games Done Quick", which is exactly the same as AGDQ but with games slightly less awesome and instead of giving money to cancer research we give it to brain worm research. Thank you for your support

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