Show more I opened one to check and it had a probe in but they're all identical and they all say "probe" on the douaneverklaring (customs declaration form) so I'm guessing they're all the same

what's up

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hmmmm I just received 8 separate packages all addressed to "Not My Name, My Address, Brooklyn NY USA" from PostNL and they all contain a probe......... I'm guessing there was a problem with the label printing?

finally solved my network problems with youtube on kodi, guess who was responsible

the existence of musicbrainz implies the related single musicbrain, never encountered in the wild

How comes I just realized brad looks like one of the supernatural guys

One thing I definitely learned though is that making finger bandages is pretty hard... here’s what the surgeon did when they put in the stitches and here’s the botched job I just made myself

Gotta get better in that hmmm

“The Maillard reaction” brad I beg you, keep to mispronouncing English words. I can pronounce French words for y’all if you want. Bon Appétit call me

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Getting a job at the BA test kitchen to appear in every video and pronounce the French words

would still like to thank the internet for keeping official service manuals for stuff like this available 20 years after they were released

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