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"oooh but now moxie is getting rich off this!" why do I fucking care if moxie got a few million dollars. my alternative is what? iMessage, so apple, whatsapp, so facebook, or discord, so microsoft soon? and banks to do the money transfer. well I sure am glad THEY aren't getting rich of this bullshit! also can't imagine why signal would be looking for a way to fund their operations lmao

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it's also not an climate disaster since it's proof of stake not proof of work

idk what to tell you like it's not great but honestly I don't see how it couldve been done better and it's an important thing for a messaging app to have, which drives adoption, which makes everyone more secure. If you want normies to use your app you have to give normies the things they want on your app!!

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I know yall don't use reacts or stickers but normal people like those. I know you don't think there's any possible use for sending people money on a messaging app but there FUCKING IS man, normies use that regularly to split bills or pay back people for bullshit! iMessage does this and it's integrated into the ecosystem and it works perfectly

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tech people have 0 strategy they just don't understand how people use messaging apps

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god im so tired of seeing people going "switch from signal to matrix/xmpp/whatever!!" lmao signal is the messaging app I use with my activist/security conscious friends man, most people use discord, whatsapp or texts. nobody's gonna switch to matrix or xmpp, if you tell people signal is bad they'll just go back to using whatsapp

much easier to take patches off a thing than it is putting them on a thing, huh

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me @ gender: how cool I found another thing to get impostor syndrome about!

fuck lightroom I guess I have no other choice but I want to see the jpegs the camera made as well as the raws so I'm just gonna have to tell Lr to show both, and suffer accordingly, huh

The credit system in the US is something else. My credit card gives me ¢10 cashback on therapy session payments

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