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bitches love to trade reductress articles back and forth with their fellow mentally ill friends (im bitches)

I got RTd by eevee and now my notifications are only RTs and favs of that one tweet

is sysvinit better, or is systemd better?

become enlightened. the right answer is that neither is good, because they make the computer turn on.

the best init system is no init system. Let the computer stay off.

we, leftists, people who want the world to be a better place — we cannot play in the world of ideas and daydreams, as the fascists and reactionaries do. the world is already set up to make fascists' and reactionaries' dreams come true.

but the world was set up this way, in specific historical motions. it can be torn down.

and the material forces that are most primed to bring a leftist world into existence are workers, oppressed nations, the seemingly "powerless" who outnumber the powerful — and, organized in specific, concrete actions, we can overwhelm the "powerful," and topple the house of cards built on the backs of the exploited.

materialism matters. actions, goals, plans matter. beliefs? secondary, at best.

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do I have permission from the dress form? It is definitely 18+, it's from the 1930s at most

fuck the blahajs are too young for this shit

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woops that top loop on the right was over the middle loop instead of on top of it, I fixed that 😬 sloppy

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@phooky text is challenging to read, although abstract demos look very diffused (and the pwm works well)

@phooky this one has a hard life on the outside of a train, so it is not in good shape.

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