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Digital Security / OPSec guide for Sex Workers This is really, really good, and is very useful for everyone, not only sex workers

If I were a dev id just make the software without bugs.

RIP to your entire industry but im different

like ideally they would reduce the size of the event boxes dynamically, and if they need to hide some of them put a [more] button rather than just [...]; and when you click it it expends the day in question... but at the very least it should show you the full list, not take you to another view. hnng

hey would y'all be interested if I did streams to explain stuff about networking and computers and systems?

New proverb: “don’t immediately attribute to corporate malice that which can be explained by Linux being shit”

est-ce que je mets mon adresse mail wxcafe at sur mon CV? ça rend bien quand même

why 👏 are 👏 people 👏 still 👏 using 👏 subnet 👏 masks 👏


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