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f/1.2 be like "hey I focused on this specific lock of hair... so the rest of the hair is out of focus and so is the entire face and background"

Maria Magdalene et Maria Jacobi et Salome
emerunt aromata ut venientes ungerent Iesum

When the Sabbath had passed

passion payer les trucs à prix libre 5x le prix recommandé ✌️ les artistes arrêtez d’être choqué.e.s quand on vous file de l’argent pour votre taff!!

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get a job doing what you love, and you'll never feel passion about it another day in your life 💕

set of emoji that makes U+1FA84 "MAGIC WAND" look like an actual hitachi magic wand and not whatever this is 🪄

who called it “doing shibari with colorful ropes” and not “getting dye-tied”

Luddites, ownership 

It's funny how I was taught in school that the luddite movement was about revolting against technological progress, but many of them were workshop owners who obviously would have been completely fine with the progress if they had access to the machines themselves.
But machines were expensive, and so they lost the means of production. The luddites were wronged by capitalism, not technology

the advertising hyperpredator and other propaganda has existed and been utilized in a primitive form since time immemorial, but its latest avatars have colonized almost every publicly viewable surface, and they dominate all communication and media infrastructure. even diy subcultures are within its taxonomy and influence and necessarily reproduce its behavior in order to survive.

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got there, they fixed it in like 30 seconds, then biked back. if i had the tools… 😩

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