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light leaks on a sea of clouds

Minolta AL-F, fixed 38mm f/2.7 lens, portra 400

anyway large format cameras are even more expensive than medium format so uh. maybe some other time

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similar to how the FDA wants plant-based milks to not call themselves milk I think we shouldn't let electron apps call themselves desktop apps

craigslist guy selling a polaroid sx-70 reply to my two emails challenge

"no let me explain it one more time" my man I understand what you're saying. I just think you're wrong and there's a better way to do it. it's called disagreeing

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tech people stop thinking that if someone doesn't agree with you they didn't understand what you were saying challenge

when you're looking in a camera viewfinder (let's say an SLR, or anything that has the viewfinder in the center) do you close your left or right eye

repaired-ish my minolta maxxum 9000 that had a sticky shutter by just slathering it in lighter fluid and running it a little bit. so far, not sticking anymore. gonna leave it for a few days and see if it’s really fixed, otherwise i guess i’ll just put more fluid and try again

(it's also designed for the tiny sensors of those video cameras, which... explains why it's so cheap)

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(don't buy this lens, it's a CL mount, for which there are as far as I know two cameras available: the canon L1, and the canon L2, from the 90s)

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