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kink: I tie you up and put pannenkoek2012 watch for rolling rocks in 0.5x A presses on so we watch that together

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now is the time to watch pannenkoek2012 do watch for rolling rocks in 0.5x A presses, commentated

also just got these in the mail so hopefully they stay longer than the arctic fox…

if you tell someone something and they reply with “ack!” do you understand that as

people right next to me at the restaurant are talking about the last time they saw UFOs a week ago

it feels like wearing these contacts is making reflections in glass and shit worse, which. i should be getting polarized contacts, then i can turn them with my lashes

everyone should be able to get an orchiectomy for free. hell, everyone should be able to get two orchiectomies for free

vim users: you don't need to tell people about how to use vim. it's okay.

ln is not target source, it's target link. you got what I meant. fuck this shit

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you can't say "it's just like cp! target source" when cp is source target. that's the opposite. it's not the same. it's literally the exact opposite. why do people say it's the same

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love how every time someone goes "do you remember ln -s argument order" there's a reply that's essentially "it's just like cp! [describes the opposite of how cp works]"

"can you rotate a cube in your mind" mother Fucker you are WEAK I can destroy capitalism in my mind. I can rotate the concept of happiness in my mind. who cares, I want to do these things Outside of my Mind

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