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for , have a set of pictures of that... thigh tie I did today? sort of a large garterbelt style thing, that twists into a ladder pattern. IDK, I was kinda inspired.

Bonus color picture too

Fujifilm X-T30, Fujinon XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4

signal telling everyone in your contacts when you join is so funny, my ex’s sister just joined at 00:45 am french time and it’s such a big leak to let me know that

the fucked up thing is that these people will still make money renting out places given how awful the market is out here.

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fucking. not telling me there’s an application on the apt i want to look at until i’m on my way there. just so i stay in the conversation and they can try to show me other places i’m not interested in. fucking asshole

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Industrial landscapes in Red Hook

Mamiya RB67, 90mm f/3.8, Kodak Ektachrome cross-processed in C41

a french person who comes to NYC often but for short periods was telling me recently that they took “the ferry to new jersey” and it was a nice ride but once there there was nothing to do so they took it back, and it’s nice that it’s free at least, and obviously they were talking about the staten island ferry but it just goes to show that everyone agree we should cut the verrazano-narrows bridge and give staten island back to NJ

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i’m going to run as MTA president and start the 40 year program to implement this. i’ll get someone to help on queens and the bronx. manhattan had enough lines already, and as always fuck staten island

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if you think otherwise you are free to have your own opinion and also to be wrong thankfully

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it is my sincere belief that no-one should have to walk more than 300 meters / 300 yards to get to a subway station in a major city

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proposition to fix bushwick, crown heights, bed-stuy, brownsville, and the navy yard subway situation

(obviously the lines would have stops all the way)

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