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rotating the anxiety in my mind wait fuck, no this is spreading it everywhere, that's bad, fuck

well i was worried bc i did a pre-soak for the first time and the green water made me think oh shit did i just wash all of the emulsion off? but nah the pics seem to be there 🤷

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"well maybe he shouldn't have had sex with someone if he wasn't ready to have a kid" do you realize this is literally just anti-abortion talk? lmao heteronormativity and gender just rots people's brains

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"no yeah I think women should be allowed to choose if they wanna have a kid or not. MEN, HOWEVER," ? do you hear yourself

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people just assume the current status quo is how it's always been, with no reflection beyond that. that's why they also assume that all societies have always been capitalist I guess

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between vaccines and now formula we've had a past few months very full of "how did people live before [thing] then huh?" - "they died a lot more"

genre 9h a midi ça fait de 3h du mat a 6h du mat pour moi donc I guess je vais me faire foutre

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lmao j'essaie d'appeler un service en france en me disant bon il est 17h15 ça devrait le faire

"bonjour, le secrétariat est ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 9h a 12h" ah bah okay alors

I just *clenches fist* want to snap a stupid little femboy in half

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