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oooh bisphenol is a xenoestrogen well that explains the extremely long CVS receipts i guess, they're just trying to slowly forcefem their customers

think maybe I should stop calling myself bysexual in that i don't date any men and im only into a very small subset of men. don't realy know what to call myself then though in the sense that i do date uhhh nonbinaries, bisexual women, lesbians, and im myself not a woman? lmao, "queer"

god we are so fucking unprepared for an epidemic there is no community cohesion and all the young queers learned is how to be a cop and put people in rigid categories lmao it's gonna be so bad

let's say, for the sake of argument, I met my ex's current partner at a wedding last month, where we had a good time and were friendly, and I thought they seemed like a cool person. And also that I'm going to be in paris in october when my ex will be out of town but her partner will be in town

would it be weird to invite my ex's partner over to dinner, with my partner and I?

why can't they just anesthethize me and do whole-body electrolysis until it's gone?? like

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