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I̴̅ͣȌ̴ͥ ̈́͐ͬ̀̚C̴̀͊̓ͧor̡r̋̒̄̽̊u̡p̷ͥ̅̓ͪ̊ţ͛io̓̍ͩ̾̎҉ṅͨ ‮✨💻☕ @wxcafe@social.wxcafe.net

hey I hadn't seen that and it's pretty old but @evanbooth@twitter.com demonstrates how to make lethal weapons from airport store stuff vimeo.com/226529471

what the fuck who thought that was a good idea? contrast is way too low, the new icons have nothing to do with the old ones, why?? fucking talk to a designer next time? agh glitch.social/@soft_chomps/993

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well, a mistake, who knows. But at least it's not real.

TV, radio, sirens, phone alerts

omg this is so bad