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the idea is you can change the viewfinder on top so it matches FoV with your lens. viewfinders for it cost ~$150-300

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really funny to me that I met someone through a mastodon meetup at a tech conference, kinda lost track, and formed contact with them again through the BDSM community.

"mais clémon comment je fais des mails sécurisés" tu fais autre chose que des mails et tu réfléchis a ton threat model

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lol incroyable protonmail c'est du FUD fait pour vendre de la fausse sécu? wow

@violet Eugen "I accidentally created software people want to use and am trying to fix this mistake" Rochko

I am also experiencing stockholm syndrome but from the gimp side, so I'll keep using gimp

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yall who say the UI is better than gimp are just experiencing stockholm syndrome. both suck in different ways

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this is why people keep using the long confusing word "reification". its such a common thought process that operates in so many areas of are society. and its a trope of online debates at this point

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sometimes meeting old friends is learning their name and pronouns again, talking about people who have changed, telling them about music you think they'll like, and almost missing your train waving them goodbye

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