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the only thing i’ll say about the open source / white house thing is: i wish they had invited RMS because it would have been hilarious

literally two french girls in front of me just not wearing a mask at all 🥰 i just wanna [redacted]! we’re gonna spend 8 hours in a plane together! 🙃🙃🙃

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anyways air france’s website to upload your certificate of vaccination and test results doesn’t work on phones

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“our website works on mobile devices”
and “you can’t upload photos bigger than 2MB” are two incompatible statements. sorry man my phone takes pictures that are >5MB at the least, i can’t compress them on the phone, so your website doesn’t work

pandemic year 2 and people still don’t fucking know how to wear their masks properly aaaaa

it's peaceful out there

mamiya rb67, 90mm f/3.8, kodak tmax 100 (35mm)

some people in tech saw the "loose lips sink ships" poster and interpreted that in a very personal sense to mean I should never communicate with my coworkers

things used to be so much more quaint and nice, yknow? here you get 5 extra minutes so you're not too late

hell yeah let's design everything for web developpers! that'll obviously end well, now let me take one sip of this tea and look at how the web is doing.

json is bad, xml is bad, yaml is bad, all the modern configuration formats are awful. we should just use the openbsd configuration style

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