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Alex ☭

RT The NRA: “Arm teachers!”

*Philando Castile, a legally licensed and armed teacher, shot dead by police*

The NRA: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

RT We don’t want to detain people for months on end or longer, only to find they have a right to stay, and so it is Labour policy that we will end indefinite detention and completely review the operation of detention centres. | Click to watch the speech ↓


RT nothing else works. hopefully there aren't too many more classrooms full of dead kids before this starts to sink in

RT the USA needs to collectively get used to the idea that if someone has a gun and a desire to kill civilians, they can, at will, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it

you have to get there earlier: make it harder to access guns, combat the causes of the desire to harm

RT 'And I dunno, *maybe* he's telling the truth...'

No, Brendan. He *is* telling the truth, as confirmed by the actual Czech Intelligence Services, and the Stasi files. So what you're doing there, is you're perpetuating a lie, but just being a bit cute about *how* you're doing it

RT yesterday, 120 people being detained at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre began a hunger strike. mainstream media tends to not cover them, so find out why yrself in their words

RT Shocking. A good reason, among many, why the prospect of a post-Brexit 'America First' trade deal with the US should frighten animal advocates

RT I’m in a full time position at a major UK university, it’s my third fixed-term position since finishing my PhD, and my salary is *still* significantly less than £34k. And I’ve not got long of my early thirties left. ‘Starting salary’ my lucky-to-even-be-salaried-at-all arse.

RT When the robots become self-aware I’m pretty sure we should delete this footage of us beating the shit out of their dogs with hockey sticks