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This is a mastodon instance for social justice activists, LGBTQIA+ people, and activists in general


The instance has multiple goals, the most important of all being making everyone on here feel as safe as possible. Other goals include letting users manage their social life easily and securely, making this instance a nice community with a shared expression space, and making the fediverse better.
As such, we have a few rules we'd like everyone on the instance to follow, which can be found on this page

Technical Information

This instance is run on a server paid for by @wxcafe, hosted at Hetzner. This instance is running on a VM on the same server as imaginair.es, which has an Intel Core i7 3770 CPU and 32G or RAM, plus 3T storage on rust drives (with some RAID). It costs $30/month by itself (another server provides backups and support infrastructure), and is financed using Patreon (with the extra coming from @wxcafe).
This might seem overkill, but mastodon eats a lot of ressources.

This instance does not run Genuine Mastodon©️ Software™️, and instead uses the Glitch-soc fork. This allows us to have a lot more features, notably accessiblity tweaks, and work with a more open and helpful development team. As such, I'd like to thank Thib for his efforts with the development of both glitch-soc and mainline mastodon, and his precious help with the various problems I have encountered while managing this instance and imaginair.es.


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Feel free to contact me for more informations at the email address in the right sidebar, or directly on Mastodon :)