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Goals and Rules

The instance has multiple goals, the most important of all being making everyone on here feel as safe as possible. Other goals include letting users manage their social life easily and securely, making this instance a nice community with a shared expression space, and making the fediverse better.
As such, we have a few rules we'd like everyone on the instance to follow :

  • Acting in any of the following ways will get you immediately suspended
    • Posting illegal content is, well, illegal. This server is in France. As such, heinous content, nazi propaganda, underage porn, and all other content that is illegal according to french law is forbidden.
    • Posting LGBTQIA+-phobic, whorephobic, sexist, racist, antisemitic, and islamophobic content. You can still discuss such topics, by including a CW, quotes, and a context.
    • Making public, by screencapping or copying, private or direct messages that the author didn't want made public
    • Taking part in targetted harassment
    • Posting spam, advertisment for a commercial product, etc
    • Being a techbro or Richard Matthew Stallman
  • Acting in any of the following ways will get your post deleted and you'll get a warning. After three warnings, you'll be suspended.
    • Posting pornographic images/videos or nude pictures without marking them NSFW, or posting them on the public timeline
    • Being clearly disrespectful towards another user
    • Being an asshole

Right now, the only admin and moderator is @wxcafe. This might change in the future, and will be reflected on this page. Please report any content breaking the rules highlighted on this page using the report function. We don't hesitate to moderate posts, to silence and/or suspend users, local or remote, and instances. In France we like to think of this as "Censure Communautariste".

Technical Information

This server is run on a server paid for by @wxcafe, hosted at Online. The server is an HP DL320eGen8v2 with a Xeon E3 4C8T at 3.2Ghz, with 32G of RAM, 2TB storage on rust drives (with some RAID). It costs $30/month, and is financed using Patreon
The bot @server_status posts information about the status of the server every once in a while, be it graphs about the ressources, number of users and toots, etc...


Feel free to contact me for more informations at the email address in the right sidebar, or directly on Mastodon :)