Here are some guidelines for using this instance
  • Acting in any of the following ways will get you immediately suspended
    • Posting illegal content is, well, illegal. This server is in Germany. As such, heinous content, nazi propaganda, underage porn, and all other content that is illegal according to german law is forbidden.
    • Posting LGBTQIA+-phobic, whorephobic, sexist, racist, antisemitic, and islamophobic content. You can still discuss such topics, by including a CW, quotes, and context.
    • Making public, by screencapping or copying, private or direct messages that the author didn't want made public
    • Taking part in targetted harassment
    • Posting spam, advertisment for a commercial product, etc
    • Being a techbro
  • Acting in any of the following ways will get your post deleted and you'll get a warning. After three warnings, you'll be suspended.
    • Posting pornographic images/videos or nude pictures without marking them NSFW, or posting them on the public timeline
    • Being clearly disrespectful towards another user
    • Being an asshole

Now, I know some of these rules overlap, and some of them are very broad. This is not a bug. If you're on this server, it means you trust the better judgement of the moderators and admins. These rules are guidelines, and you can get banned even if you didn't technically violate the word of any of them but are acting in contradiction to their concept.
Right now, the only admin is @wxcafe; and the moderators are @Hypsoline and @Bram. This might change in the future, and will be reflected on this page. Please report any content or users breaking the rules highlighted on this page using the report function. We don't hesitate to moderate posts, to silence and/or suspend users, local or remote, and instances. In France we like to think of this as "Censure Communautariste".

Privacy Policy

There's three people with root access to the server: Julie and Bram. These people can technically do anything with the content that is on this server, but don't, as detailed in the following:

General rules:

  • Data you put on this server is on it for as long as you leave it there. It's also backed-up encrypted on another server that I manage
  • We won't sell any data belonging to anyone, obviously
  • We don't look at your private data (Direct Messages)
  • We don't look at your semi-public data (Private and Unlisted toots) except if we need to for moderation purposes
  • Mastodon automatically collects your email address, last used IP address, and most recent active time.
  • If you delete your account, all data collected is erased, and competely disappears from backups after three months.
  • If you want to download your data you can do so in the settings

This is a mastodon instance for social justice activists, LGBTQIA+ people, and activists in general See the Goals and technical details, and Rules and privacy policy pages for more information